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Today, forward thinking companies are embracing a skills-based hiring method to identify and sustain high-quality talent: talent often overlooked with traditional hiring practices. The majority of all jobs across the U.S. require skills not always identified by a college diploma. Skills-based hiring creates a more effective match between the employer and employee, helping to significantly reduce HR costs.  New Options New Mexico is using the WorkKeys assessment as a tool to measure skills fundamental to any job. What is WorkKeys?  Although other assessment tools exist, New Options New Mexico chose WorkKeys because it is EEOC compliant and easier to integrate into your existing hiring strategies. 

WorkKeys can:

Sort through thousands of resumes in hours, not weeks
Reduce skills-related turnover (Subaru saw a 25% reduction in turnover)
Decrease Hiring Costs (Covidian Health reduced costs from $2,300 to $600 per person)
Meet EEOC compliance and ISO9000 standards
Discover hidden talent within your current workforce

For a limited time, implement this tool at no charge.

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